What We Do

Contract Sewing

SR Industries has provided quality contract sewing services for returnable dunnage along with many other applications. SR Industries can provide contract sewing services for almost any large volume project you are already sewing or for a new product entirely. Based in the Mid-West, we offer domestic sourcing for your production sewing work. Your project will be handled from start to finish by a team of experienced experts  We can assist with fabric selection, prototyping, fabric/materials storage, even shipping and order fulfillment.

Why Sewn Goods?

One of our areas of expertise is returnable dunnage sewn goods. This packaging is used by parts and equipment manufacturers to protect parts during shipping, and is reusable and offer better lifetime value, not to mention is more environmentally friendly. Fabric protects your parts better, reduces your waste, and improves your bottom line.

We also sew automotive trunk boards, webbing, velcro, buckles, strapping, elastic and much more. If it can be sewn, we can sew it!

We are set up for almost all production level sewing jobs, and every product goes through a 100% inspection test. Are you looking for a dependable partner to produce your sewn goods? Call us today to learn more!

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