Returnable Textile Dunnage

Protect your product - Protect your investment

SR Industries has many years of experience providing high quality returnable textile dunnage to the automotive industry.  We manufacture a wide variety or returnable packaging solutions based on our customers needs  Whether you are in need of tote inserts, steel rack bag sets, tote curtain covers, side load bag sets, contour tote inserts, hanging pouch sets, along with numerous variations of curtains and covers, we are here to help.  There are several benefits when deciding to go with fabric packaging.  Fabric returnable dunnage is excellent for Class A surface protection and increasing pack density.  It is also cost effective and recyclable.  We can easily design a returnable packaging solution to work with your exisiting containers and racks. 

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Returnable / Reusable / Recyclable - Let us show you the benefits of switching to Returnable Textile Dunnage.